American Primary Care

About Us


20 Plus Years of Managed Care Experience

Whether you struggle with diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, renal disease, endocrine disorders, or more, the experienced team at American Primary Care can help. Additionally, you can get chiropractic services to alleviate chronic pain and more.


Take advantage of 24/7 availability

When you need urgent healthcare, you’ll find it at American Primary Care. Call our office and our answering service will contact your doctor for a fast response so you can get the advice you need.

Fast prescription services

Have a prescription that’s about to run out? Call your pharmacy within 48 hours of the time you’ll need your prescription. They will send us the request and we’ll approve it as quickly as possible. This process decreases your wait time and gets you the medication you need fast.

Easy appointment scheduling

Have you just visited the emergency room? Call us right away. Are you a Medicare patient? Visit us every 6 months. Scheduling is easy. Call our office. If you need an urgent appointment, we’ll try our best to see you the same day. Please cancel 24 hours in advance.


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